The DRC has a simple plugin architecture. Extra django apps can be installed as a plugin and enabled, even in a pre-built docker-image context.


Two environment variables are relevant:

  • PLUGINS: a comma-separated list of app names. These are names that would typically go into an INSTALLED_APPS array. They must be valid python package/module names and be importable (see PLUGIN_DIRS)
  • PLUGIN_DIRS: optionally specify directories to be added to the python path. A typical use case would be to run the DRC container with a volume mount containing the plugins. Comma-separated list of paths.

Plugin implementation considerations

Plugins are simply added to the list of INSTALLED_APPS, at the end. Complex configurations where the order matters are currently not supported.

No other settings are currently supported.

To initialize the plugin, you can use Django’s django.apps.AppConfig.ready hook.

If you need configuration, consider using something like django-solo to store the configuration in the database instead of custom settings.